How Can I Help My Loved One or Friend?


It starts by saying I Believe You.

When someone is assaulted, it is common for them to worry that no one will believe them. Your loved one is looking to you for support right now, and to be reminded that what has happened was not their fault. Someone has taken away their control over their lives, and how you support them now can put them on the path to taking back their power. Though it is very natural to feel like you want to protect your loved one right now, it's crucial for their healing that you do not overprotect. It is important that the victim feels empowered through the healing process, and not be told what to do.

If you are visiting our site to gather resources to support your friend or family member, please return to the I Need Support page and navigate through with your loved one in mind.

Don't forget to take care of yourself...

When your friend or family member tells you they have been assaulted, it can be overwhelming to try to help. The Sexual Violence Center recognizes that sexual violence affects us all, and that "secondary victims" of sexual violence need and deserve support. All of our services for victims and survivors are also available to the people who love them. You can call our crisis line 24 hours a day for support.