Your Safety is Important

Before we even talk about services, it is important that you are safe where you are right now. 

Call 911

If you feel you are in imminent danger, please call 911 immediately.

Get Somewhere Safe

Is there anywhere you can go?

Can you stay with a friend or a family member?

Seek Shelter

If you think a shelter is what you need right now, contact our friends at the Day One Network, a resource that will connect you with shelters statewide. 

If you prefer a shelter for youth, Avenues for Homeless Youth or The Bridge For Youth can support you.

Talk Through a Safety Plan With Us

Sexual Violence Center advocates are here 24 hours a day through our crisis line to help you talk through your safety options.

Call us at (612) 871-5111 or (952) 448-5425.


I Understand These Safety Options and Want to Learn How SVC Can Help Me