I Am Dealing with Ongoing Sexual Violence

For many people, the sexual violence you are experiencing is not a one time event, but has become a pattern of abuse you must live with day in and day out. Often this is because you live with the person who is abusing you, and you may even love them. The way forward for you to live a life free from abuse might be different than a victim dealing with sexual violence in the past.  

I am Living in a Domestic Violence Situation

Domestic violence involves abuse perpetrated by one partner against another in an intimate relationship such as marriage, cohabitation, dating or within the family.

Domestic violence includes: physical, emotional, verbal, economic and sexual abuse.

Just because you live with someone, are family, or are in an intimate relationship, that person does not have the right to have sex with you or force you to do anything sexual in nature that you don't want. 

The state of Minnesota recognizes that sexual violence can occur in marriage or any other intimate relationship. It is illegal, and it can be charged as a crime. 

If you want more information about the resources and people available to help people in your unique situation, contact Cornerstone, a domestic violence agency located in Hennepin County. In Carver and Scott counties, contact the Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women.

I am Being Prostituted/Trafficked

Prostitution - or sex trafficking - is a form of sexual violence.

If you are being prostituted, there is support to help you reclaim your life. Our advocates are ready to connect you to resources, including those offered by our own agency. If you are interested in reaching out to some other services directly, we recommend:

Breaking Free assists prostituted women and girls to start a new life by providing safe shelter, education, and advocacy.

PRIDE (Prostitution to Independence, Dignity & Equality), offers support services to sexually exploited individuals and their families, including counseling, legal assistance, education and systems advocacy. 



I am Being Stalked or Harassed

Stalking is a pattern of behavior toward a specific person that causes them to feel fear. This could include sexual contact, sexual assault or advances. Sexual jokes and sexually charged language can also be harassment. 

SVC advocates can offer advice about options and help you file for restraining orders. You can reach our advocates 24 hours a day at (612) 871-5111 or (952) 448-5425.

Other Resources:

Hennepin County

In Hennepin County, visit DASC, where District Court staff will help people complete the paperwork to ask for a temporary Order for Protection (OFP). 

Domestic Abuse Service Center
Hennepin County Government Center
Rm. #A-0650 (lower level)
300 S. 6th Street

To apply for a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO), visit the 4th District Court Self-Help Center.

4th District Court Self-Help Center
Hennepin County Government Center

Public Service Level (2nd floor)
300 South 6th Street
Minneapolis , MN 55487

Carver County

Court Administration Office
Justice Center Building
(952) 361-1420

Scott County

Sheriff's Office
Government Center
200 Fourth Ave West
(952) 496-8300
Domestic Abuse Orders for Protection
Scott County Resource Guide Following Issuance of OFP or HRO


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