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Me Too Kit

SVC speaks with Kare11 about At-Home Rape Kits

From the Kare11 story:

Victim-survivor advocates in Minnesota say the “MeToo Kit” poses a series of problems.

Nicole Weiler, the director of systems change at the Sexual Violence Center in Minneapolis, said the at-home kit cannot compare to the exams given at emergency room hospitals. Those exams, which include treatment for STI and pregnancy, can also be done alongside a survivors’ advocate.

“I would hate to see victim-survivors spending their money on an evidence collection kit that might fail them,” Weiler said. “If you are doing evidence collection at home, you don’t necessarily have the support of someone who has been there and understands this.”

When a victim undergoes a free forensic exam at a hospital, there is no obligation for that person to make a report to law enforcement. However, if the victim does wish to pursue the case in the criminal justice system, hospitals follow clear chain of custody protocol to ensure the rape kits are not compromised.

Watch or view the Kare11 story on the Kare11 website.

Read the SVC statement on the “Me Too Rape Kit.”

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