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Meet The Team

Our team of sexual assault advocates help our organization fulfill our mission, vision, and values, with a commitment to ensuring a diverse array of programs are available to meet the needs of victim/survivors in our community.

Maria Polland (she/her)

Systems Change Program Manager

Traveler, Humanitarian, Adventure-seeker, Golden retriever enthusiast.

Kenosha Davenport (she/her)

Executive Director

Progressive change leader, Destroyer of boxes.

Ashley Taylor-Gougé (she/they)

Associate Director

Non-compliant leader. Feminist incendiary. Loveable curmudgeon. …

Michelle Thompson (she/her)

Advocacy Program Manager

Morning challenged, empathetic, Diet Coke fiend.

Esau Jasper (he/him)

Housing Resource Advocate

Compassionate, Supportive and some great attributes.

Claire Flom Staab (she/her)

Outreach Advocate

Water-loving, reality tv-watching, silly hobbit.

Bridgette James (she/her)

Youth Advocate

Wears Glasses, and Still Can't See!…

Jayson Cardwell (he/him)


Tenacious Try-Hard, Seeks Coffee and Adventure

Allison Pauna (she/her)

Prevention Advocate

Outdoor enthusiast and orange cat lover.

Lucia Frias-Wackman (she/her)

Volunteer Services Coordinator

Outdoors-loving, adventure-seeking, coffee-drinking friend and person.

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