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Participant Bill of Rights

As a participant utilizing SVC’s services, you have the right to:

  1. A respectful relationship with your advocate, free from verbal, physical, or sexual abuse.
  2. Receive all of SVC’s services without discrimination.
  3. Information about other available services.
  4. Be notified of any changes in service, whenever possible.
  5. Stop services or ask for a different advocate.
  6. Bring up and use these rights without SVC treating you differently or badly.

Read our full Participant Bill of Rights here.  

Grievance Policy

SVC places great importance on providing quality services to individuals who decide to utilize our services.  SVC is committed to ensuring that people served by our programs have the right to respectful and responsive services. In addition, participants have a right to private and confidential services free of verbal, physical, or sexual abuse.  SVC is committed to providing services that are inclusive and free of discrimination.  

Read our full grievance policy here.

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