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Participant Grievance Policy

SVC places great importance on providing quality services to individuals who decides to utilize our services.  SVC is committed to ensuring that people served by our programs have the right to respectful and responsive services. In addition, participants have a right to private and confidential services that are free of verbal, physical or sexual abuse.  SVC is committed to providing services that are inclusive and free of discrimination.  

 SVC has established this grievance procedure to provide timely resolution of participant’s concerns about any matter including but not limited to: the quality of care, services provided, program guidelines, staff or facilities.   

The initial step in the grievance process encourages the participant to communicate directly with the involved advocate directly and identify their concern(s).  If you are not satisfied with the outcome or feel that the matter is not resolved, you may email SVC’s Associate Director at [email protected].  The Associate Director will respond within five (5) business days.  The Associate Director will offer a resolution or an explanation of the reasons for the next steps, if any is needed.  

If the participant does not feel that the matter is resolved, a grievance may be submitted to the Executive Director at [email protected]. The Executive Director will review the grievance and delve deeper into the matter, which may include confidential discussions to hear more about the grievance or an inquiry with involved advocate(s).  The Executive Director will respond in writing to the participant within ten (10) business days and if requested, the Executive Director will set up a time for a phone call or in-person meeting to offer a resolution or to share the details of the proposed actions.  

In addition, if your grievance involves the organization’s Executive Director, it should be submitted to the Board of Directors’ Chair at [email protected]. You will receive confirmation of receipt of grievance within ten (10) business days.  Your grievance will be heard at the next Executive Committee meeting of the Board of Directors.  These meetings are held once per month.  The Board Chair will contact you with the resolution or next steps.  

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