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#MeetTheTeamTuesday: Mystic Makepeace

Another #MeetTheTeamTuesday! Mystic Makepeace is our Crisis Intervention Specialist and she’s our go-to advocate for all of our medical advocacy needs.
What keeps you invested in this work?
Being the reason that someone is heard, supported, and valued. Hearing testimony to how myself and SVC have helped, directly from clients. My passion for the issue of violence against women and doing something to make a positive impact towards this cause keeps me invested in my work at SVC.
For people wanting to learn more about this issue, what podcasts, books, articles, etc would you recommend?
For exposure to this issue check out:
“The Keepers” On Netflix
Soft White Underbelly – YouTube; Kallie & Ressy’s Videos
Instagram – Violence Awareness @stopviolenceagainstwomen__
What is your favorite thing to do in the Twin Cities?
Exploring for great views, craft beer, and vintage goodies.
📸 Bailey Sears Photography
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