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#MeetTheTeamTuesday: Renée Montville

This #MeetTheTeamTuesday we’re introducing our Prevention Advocate, Renée Montville.
What keeps you invested in this work?
I believe my community and the people I am able to connect with through this work are what keep me invested. Sexual violence advocacy is something I have been passionate about for a long time, and it has been fantastic working alongside compassionate people who continuously show up for others. Connecting with victims/survivors through this work is so rewarding and always reminds me why we do the work we do.
What do you wish people knew about this work?
I can say that most people who do this work are often asked how we do it and are told things like “it must be so hard, or so sad,” and while it can be, it is so much more than that. Experiencing vulnerability, support, compassion, and healing with others is a very impactful thing. I carry with me the compassion and care I have seen from those I work with and support. This job is more meaningful than I could have imagined. This work will teach you the importance of self-care, empathy, human connection, community support, and personal justice.
If you could add a dish to the state fair, what would you add?
I know being in the Midwest, this is not the most feasible, but I love love seafood, so I would love to see some more seafood options, maybe a Louisiana-style crawfish boil or sushi burritos. I’m not sure if this is already available as the state fair is so big that I could never see all the food options, but I’ll keep dreaming about it.
📸 Bailey Sears Photography
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