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 Defiantly Celebrate Queer Joy and Resistance! 

🌈✊ Defiantly Celebrate Queer Joy and Resistance! 🌈✊

In the face of relentless attacks on LGBTQ+ rights, it’s time to rise up, united and unyielding. Join us in spreading the radiant spirit of Queer Joy and Resistance with our empowering collection! Each design is a powerful statement of defiance, resilience, and love.

By wearing these shirts, you not only uplift yourself but also support survivors of sexual violence, as all proceeds directly empower the programs of the Sexual Violence Center.

Shop now and choose a shirt that represents your unwavering pride, strength, and solidarity. Together, let’s show the world that we will not be silenced, erased, or diminished.

Join the movement, celebrate Queer Joy and Resistance:

🌈✊ #QueerJoy #Resistance #Pride #Empowerment #SupportSurvivors

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